Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Month's Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines

Woman in jeans wearing iPhone case/purse
1.    I found this iPhone case that's part case and part purse in this month's InStyle magazine. It has a leather case and straps, plus two slits in the back for a credit card and driver's license - from Bandolier

info graphic chart with questions to help clean out clothes closet
2.   Time to go through your closet and get rid of some of the clothes you never wear? This month's InStyle magazine has some great tips including this chart to guide you.

Picture of blues singer Valerie June
3.   I read about singer Valerie June in this month's O magazine and what a fascinating country/blues voice. I especially like Workin' Woman Blues, You Can't Be Told and The Hour.

4.   How can you not love this red bicycle (also found in O) from Martone Cycling?

Pouch/purse from Terrestra with 3 zipper compartments and 7 slots for credit cards
5.   Love this travel organizer from Terrestra. It has 3 zipper compartments and 7 slots for credit cards and ID. 

6.  I so agree with this quote from chef Michael Symon. We use capers in just about everything but chocolate!!!

7.   From Real Simple magazine - Cord Tacos.  Boy can I use these. You get 5 for $24.99. They are from This Is Ground.

Green blue and purple hourglass pieces from Anthropologie
8.   I always find so many treasures in the English magazine LivingEtc. These gorgeous HourGlass pieces are from Anthropologie.

9.   I posted these hat pendant lights once before (from Graham and Green). I never thought of putting them in a bathroom. Love love love them.

a high gloss pink picnic table for inside the house
10.  Living Etc has the most wonderful decorating ideas. Isn't this great - painting a picnic table and benches a fun glossy color and putting them inside the house instead of outside! I definitely want to do this. Pink is not my favorite color but I would love to paint a set a high gloss black, red or purple.


Sandy said...

What a good idea. I'm going to check out that chart from InStyle magazine.

Darlene said...

InStyle and Real Simple are two of my favorite magazines; I use them for inspiration.

messecretsdebeaute said...

Nice post with beautiful pics :)

See you soon,