Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Month's Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines

From Living Etc.
1.  I usually am not really a big fan of patterns on furniture fabrics. However this couch and it's big flowers is charming.
2.  I have been wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets. I was thinking black or white or maybe even red. However now I am definitely thinking blue.
3.  I love how the shapes of the different teapots really stand out when painted a solid color. 
4. OMG! Chocolate and Cherries...and here I am doing Weight Watchers. I wonder how many points this recipe from Donna Hay has.
5.  Love these weight loss stories haiku.
From O
6.  I thought these were good tips for making great chocolate chip cookies, especially the tip about using a variety of chips.
7.  My dog Lola is just about the best dog in the world, except for one thing...she goes nuts when someone comes to the door. We've tried everything, including bribing her with treats. It never crossed my mind to throw the treat onto her rug and then tell her to stay there.
8.  Having a few people over tomorrow night to watch the presidential debate. This is what's for dinner. There will be lots of wine too...maybe even margaritas.
From Real Simple
9.  This looks like a perfect dress that I can wear in the day or glam up for an evening out. And it's inexpensive. Only $30 from Uniqlo. I never heard of Uniqlo and they are opening a store in San Francisco this week.
10.  Now this is a cool idea. You fill up this pen with your left over room paint and save it for touch ups. Two empty pens for $20 from SlobProof.com

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