Thursday, June 5, 2014

iOS 8 - My Favorite Features

I have been studying the new mobile operating system coming out this fall for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. And boy is it fantastic! This is the biggest iOS release ever. It's loaded with features we have been wanting. Here are my ten favorites...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Month's Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - March

1.  I found this Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew in this month's issue of Coastal Living. It kind of hurts thinking of spending $63 for a corkscrew, but I am sure it would make me smile every time I use it.

2.  Also from this month's Coastal Living is this very cool Cupcake Corer. How fun this will be for easter. 

3. This is my idea of riding a bicycle. I found it in LivingEtc (I always find the most interesting things in that magazine.) It's called a Copenhagen Wheel. The unit attaches to almost any bike, turning it into an electric hybrid bike. I like!!!

4.  Doesn't this skirt just say - doing the salsa on a summer after? It comes with a "bralette". I think my "bralette" days are over, but I would most definitely wear this with a cute little summer blouse or top. It is by Milly and I found it in Lucky Magazine.

5.  Now this is just plain cool. Sunset Magazine featured the Wag Brigade in its Best of the West section. The San Francisco International Airport has brought in a group of wonderful dogs to help tame passengers' travel jitters. Be sure to click on the Wag Brigade link to see all the dogs. Next time I am flying out of the Bay Area I am definitely going to look for them.

6.  Yay. It's nearly sandal season. Saw these sandal pumps in Real Simple. The heels are chunky enough to actually be wearable. 

7.  Read this brief article in a magazine I've never read before - All You. It inspired me to purchase an Up24 band to measure my steps and am trying to increase the number each week. 

8.  Domino Magazine featured my all time favorite pen - Le Pen. I buy the brown ones by the box from Amazon.

9.  Great idea for those times when your glasses come apart (from This Old House article about Ten Uses for Toothpicks) - temporarily stick the arm back on by putting a toothpick through the hole. 

10. Do you use your iPad in the kitchen? I saw this iPad Cutting Board in Real Simple. $74.95 is a bit pricey for a cutting board, but still kind of cool.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I Am Back

I have missed blogging for the last six months. Life had layered itself to the point that something needed to be put aside for awhile so I had time to sleep. 

The above image was taken a few months ago with my iPhone camera and edited with the PSTouch, Waterlogue and Blender apps. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Love This

Saw this graph on Fast CompanyLove seeing the silhouettes of all these dresses. My favorites are Halle Berry's from 2002 and Sandra Bullock's from 2010. Who are your favorites? 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

iOS 7

I just downloaded the new Apple operating system for my iPhone - iOS 7. Wow. I really like the new look. Everything is so bright and easy to read. Seems quite a bit faster too. 

Day 4 - SITS Instagram Photo Challenge

The SITS challenge for day 4 is "handwriting."  I recently ran across my childhood autograph book. Inside I found the handwriting of a favorite aunt, uncle, my father and my art teacher. All those special people in my life have died. I loved the little sayings they wrote. It got me thinking about them all day.

I took a picture of each page and the Disneyland autograph book cover with my iPhone. I then made a collage with the Diptic app.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day Three - SITS Instagram Photo Challenge

Blended photo of window and view of lighthouse and beach
The photo challenge for day three is Outside Your Window. Instead of photographing what is outside my window, I created an image with my iPhone of what I wish was outside my window.

I am a California girl. I have lived here since I was in the first grade and have rarely been farther than  30-40 minutes away from the beach. My dream home would be a beach cottage on the California coast, preferably somewhere between Carmel and Santa Cruz. This is the view I would love to see outside of my kitchen as I sat at the table drinking my morning coffee.

How I made this image with my iPhone:

I began with two images - one of the windows, the other of the Santa Cruz lighthouse and beach. I photographed the lighthouse image with the Hipstamatic app. I downloaded the window image to my iPhone from Dreamstime. I have a lot of window images of my own, but was in a hurry and had a very specific idea of what I wanted so I purchased the stock window image.

I then layered the two images together using the PS Touch app. I added a bit of texture using DistressedFX. The effect was more than I wanted so I blended it at 50% in the Image Blender app. There was a third bird that looked like it was inside, so I removed it with TouchRetouch. The coloring, vignette and border were added in the Jazz app. Last, I added the type in Phonto.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day #1 SITS Instagram Photo Challenge

The SITS community is having an Instagram Photo Challenge. This is day 1 - What am I reading.

Japanese Friendship Garden

Fun day out photographing with my friend Krissy. We went to the Japanese Friendship Garden. I photographed with my iPhone camera. Then took the images into Oggl and edited the images using the  John S lens with the Blanko film. Finally I did my favorite nine image collage with the Diptic app

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apple's New iPhone Event

new gold iPhone 5S with close up of Touch ID home button
The Highlights

iTunes Festival in London - 30 days of free music

Next month Apple will ship 700 million mobile devices 

IOS7 - amazing new features including improved Siri, design, iTunes radio. Available for free on September 18th. iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later and 5th generation iPod touch.

Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto and iMovie mobile apps are now free on any new mobile devices


iPhone 5C in 5 colors, white, pink, yellow, blue and green

iPhone 5C - five colors - Green, white, blue, red, yellow.

iPhone 5S - Available in silver, "space gray" and gold. There's a "big leap" in performance. NEW CAMERA!!! (doing the happy dance). Rumors were correct - fingerprint Touch ID on the home button. Touch to unlock phone. Touch to authenticate Apple ID. Cool. New leather cases in 6 colors. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Instant Polaroid Lab for iPhone

I can't wait until this is for sale. Combines my two favorite kinds of photography... polaroids and iPhone.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Santa Cruz Pop Up Breakfast and Farmers' Market

9 pictures in Diptic collage of food from Pop Up breakfast, sugar, biscuits, ice cream
Went to the Pop Up breakfast at the Santa Cruz Farmers' Market. Gorgeous day and fabulous food and wine. Started with homemade yogurt and granola with peach jam. (Served in cute little jam jars.) Then homemade biscuits (with pepper jam), hash and eggs. Finally a custard filled tart with the most yummy blackberry ice cream. I love how they painted jam jars with chalkboard paint and then wrote "sugar" in chalk on them. 
Colorful Dahlias photographed with iPhone and Hipstamatic app
We then walked around the Farmers' Market. Such beautiful end of the summer produce and bucket after bucket of flowers, especially Dahlias.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This Month's Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines

Woman in jeans wearing iPhone case/purse
1.    I found this iPhone case that's part case and part purse in this month's InStyle magazine. It has a leather case and straps, plus two slits in the back for a credit card and driver's license - from Bandolier

info graphic chart with questions to help clean out clothes closet
2.   Time to go through your closet and get rid of some of the clothes you never wear? This month's InStyle magazine has some great tips including this chart to guide you.

Picture of blues singer Valerie June
3.   I read about singer Valerie June in this month's O magazine and what a fascinating country/blues voice. I especially like Workin' Woman Blues, You Can't Be Told and The Hour.

Red Bicycle with basket from Martone Cycling
4.   How can you not love this red bicycle (also found in O) from Martone Cycling?

Pouch/purse from Terrestra with 3 zipper compartments and 7 slots for credit cards
5.   Love this travel organizer from Terrestra. It has 3 zipper compartments and 7 slots for credit cards and ID. 

6.  I so agree with this quote from chef Michael Symon. We use capers in just about everything but chocolate!!!

7.   From Real Simple magazine - Cord Tacos.  Boy can I use these. You get 5 for $24.99. They are from This Is Ground.

Green blue and purple hourglass pieces from Anthropologie
8.   I always find so many treasures in the English magazine LivingEtc. These gorgeous HourGlass pieces are from Anthropologie.

9.   I posted these hat pendant lights once before (from Graham and Green). I never thought of putting them in a bathroom. Love love love them.

a high gloss pink picnic table for inside the house
10.  Living Etc has the most wonderful decorating ideas. Isn't this great - painting a picnic table and benches a fun glossy color and putting them inside the house instead of outside! I definitely want to do this. Pink is not my favorite color but I would love to paint a set a high gloss black, red or purple.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

iPhone Painting with the PhotoViva App

I love painting on my photos. I recently discovered the PhotoViva app. It's an easy painting app that has a nice selection of brushes.

After opening the app, you have a choice of selecting a photo from the camera roll, or take a picture with the app's camera. 

You can choose to paint with a solid color, or paint using the photo as your source. You also can choose from different style brushes, brush angles and brush sizes.

You can pinch and spread the image to enlarge it for easier painting.

I brought both images into the Tripty app.

I then cropped the image from three panels to two panels in the camera roll editing screen.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So You Think You Can Dance -Top 4

It's Tuesday and it's my favorite four in the semi-finals - Aaron, Amy, Jasmine and Fik-Shun. Have you noticed how all four have the most incredible smiles?

Cat Deeley has on the most fabulous beaded dress - very 1920s.

Favorite Couple - Fik-Shun and Jasmine's Travis Wall routine - You wouldn't think they would be such   an amazing partnership but it was just stunning.
Favorite Choreography - Travis Wall's water routine
Favorite Male - Fik-Shun
Favorite Female - Jasmine - first the water routine and then the hip-hop with Comfort. Wow!
Favorite All Star - Comfort
Most fun - Jasmine and all star Comfort's hip hop routine. OMG! Too cool!
Best Solo - Fik-Shun - Pure joy!
Best Costume - Amy and Jasmine's outfits in the last routine.
Best Music - Hazardous/ Zero Signal by PP Music
Best Lifts - Fik-Shun and Amy's Tango

I love all four... a really great night of dance.

UPDATE;  The winners - Fik-Shun and Amy

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Life - Live It In Flip Flops

Five people in a circle showing toes, toe rings, flip flops and sign Life Live It In Flip Flops

collage of nine images from Santa Cruz, friends, boats, Begonia Festival, sail boat

Another great weekend at the beach with friends. There are just so many special things about hanging out with friends who have known you almost your whole life. We talk and understand each other in short hand. 

Someone mentions Jan and all of our hearts fill with happy memories and such sadness. (Beautiful, funny, adventurous Jan died in a tragic plane accident in her twenties.) Someone asks yet again if anyone has heard about Nadine. No one has. (If anyone knows Nadine Okamura please tell her we love her and miss her.) 

Lynn remembers getting detention for having too short of a skirt and we are all instantly transported to 1969 when we had our skirts measured with a ruler to make sure they were not too far above our knees.  

Pictures are thumbed through on iPhones to find the latest photos of adorable grandkids. We sing Happy Birthday to Alan and mercilessly tease Brian who is still trying to pick up waitresses in their twenties. We dance to Russ' band Extra Large on the beach and are in awe of how our high school friend and his wife Valerie (who rocks the conga drums) fill hundreds of people with pure joy. 

This morning Russ posts on Facebook... "It takes a long time to make old friends." Indeed.

Here are a few songs for my friends - old and new.

1.   With a Little Help From My Friends (This was of course sung by the Beatles but the Joe Cocker version is my favorite.
2.    Lean on Me by Bill Withers
3.    Umbrella - Rhianna
4.    Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
5.    You've Got a Friend - James Taylor
6.    All I Really Want to Do - Cher
7.    Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
8.    Count on Me - Bruno Mars
9.    Hello Old Friend - Eric Clapton
10.  Old Friends - Willie Nelson
11.  That's What Friends Are For - Rod Stewart
12.  Friends - Bette Midler

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So You Think You Can Dance

It's getting down to the finals. Two more will go home tonight. Such a fabulous opening number choreographed by Sean Cheesman.

Okay, I have my favorite red wine from Sones Cellars. Let the dancing begin.

Guest judge - Jesse Tyler Ferguson is always one of my favorite judges. He is funny and so well informed about dance and stage presence. Love when he admitted he has a crush on Aaron.

Favorite Couples - Jasmine and Neil's Hurricane routine. I mean wow!!!!! They danced beautifully together. So happy to get to see Amy and Fik-Shun dance together again.
Favorite Choreography - Tyce Dioria's Hurricane routine
Favorite Male - Fik-Shun - Jesse Tyler Feguson called him a mega star and I so agree. His dancing lights up a room. Pure joy. Pure entertainment.
Favorite Female - Jasmine
Favorite All Star - Alex - He's one of my all time favorites.
Best Solo - Jasmine's solo to Amazing Grace brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful.
Best Music - Faith by George Michael
Best Lifts - Jasmine and Neil in their Hurricane routine
Best Costumes - Jasmine's purple dress was stunning. It moved as beautifully as she does.
Going home this week - Haley and Paul
Who do I think are going to be the winners? The top four are the four I have been excited about all season. Amy, Jasmine, Fik-Shun and Aaron. I think probably Fik-Shun and Jasmine will end up on top. They both just have that star quality.

Such a great night of dance. It doesn't get much better than this. I want tickets to the tour.